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    Zhengzhou Xomolon Food Flavor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock enterprise engaged in producing the natural flavor extracts and food flavors and fragrances . 

    Founded in June, 2006, the Company is registered in China, the ancient oriental flavor state. Located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, its headquarter is close to Anyang City, ancient capital of Shang Dynasty in the north, Xuchang City, ancient capital of Cao Wei in the south, Kaifeng City, ancient capital of Song Dynasty in the east, and Luoyang City, ancient capital of Tang Dynasty in the west. Regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilization , Zhouzhou City has a long history of agriculture and spice planting, and it is one of the most important production places of spices in the world, such as garlic and ginger.

     Adopting the advanced extraction and separation technologies, such as supercritical CO₂extraction, subcritical extraction and molecular distillation and separation, the company also cooperates with many famous domestic research institutes to improve the extraction technology and selects raw materials of high-quality for the production of natural spice extracts, providing the famous enterprises both at home and abroad engaged in instant noodles, meat products, flavoring foods, flavors and fragrances, and health care products with stable high-quality products and application technology services. 

    With the development of the company for many years, it has become a middle-sized intensive enterprise possessing an independent R&D center, food flavor and biological technology limited company and import and export trading company. Boasting of many sets of large and advanced industrialized equipment for supercritical CO₂ extraction and molecular distillation as well as food flavors and fragrances preparing workshops reaching to the GMP standard, the company has passed certification of ISO9001 International Quality Management System and ISO22000 Quality Safety System, with an annual comprehensive production of 6,000t high-standard flavors and fragrances . Moreover it offers personalized and differentiated services for clients, striving to make the high-tech natural essential oil and oleoresin extracted from spices the general consumer goods of the whole society.