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2017 year the brand image of ZHENGZHOU XOMOLON have been upgraded

Updated:2017/11/3 10:35:30 | Source:Jan

During 2006 to 2017,ZHENGZHOU XOMOLON FOOD FLAVOR CO.,LTD ups and downs,From start to now,she have been a Multi - system group corporation,which have one manufacturing factory,one R&D Center,two application lab,and a International Trade Company.

In the initial of 2017 year,ZHENGZHOU XOMOLON NANYANG Biotechnology Co.,Ltd start construction. In this good development momentum, our company is to ensure the product quality, meet the customer demand premise, begin to focus on the company image, packaging and so on the comprehensive revision upgrade, let the technology and the art perfect union together.

The new packaging will be fully formally used on May 10, 2017. The following is our company's old and new LOGO, packaging, label comparison chart:

The old and new packaging changing will inconvenience you, please kindly understanding and support. Image have been changed but thegood quality and services will still like before,We are looking forward to more and more people discover XOMOLON,know XOMOLON,also we will use the sincerity as the link ,provides you the naturalsciencetechnologyhealthydelicious spice essential oil and condiments