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FIC 2018 Shanghai International Exhibition ended successfully

Updated:2018/4/24 16:25:57 | Source:JAN

On March 24, the 22nd Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC 2018) came to a successful 

conclusion in Shanghai.The three-day exhibition attracted many customers domestic and abroad 

to visit us.

In this exhibition,ZhengZhou Xuemailon company booth continues 2017FIC's "Innovative 

Technology,For Enhanced Flavor " theme line,with the theme of "Harmony, simplicity, 

health, fashion",

In the layout of the exhibition booth , following the principle of “simple, concise” New products and 

application products are staggered.Meanwhile hall accompanied by propaganda electronic screen,show

the whole process from raw material to R&D to production to the final product,so that more people can

understand Xuemailon and learn about the supercritical extraction of spices.

At the exhibition, our company launched a grand launch of more than ten new products:Secret 

mushroom oil,herbal flavor oil, turkey flavor oil, green pepper spicy oil, pickled fish flavor oil,hot

pot oil and other products,attracting a large number of customers to visit.Xuemailon Changsha

Applied Labsresearches and develops more than 30 kinds of snacks with different flavor for customers

to taste.Effectively combine new product developmentwith practical application and test the practicality

of new products.

In addition to domestic customers, many foreign customers are also attracted and communicate with 

our staff.It has laid a good foundation for the Xuemailon natural essential oils to reach the international