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Full flavor

Supercritical fluid extraction is performed under close to room temperature (35~40℃) to effectively avoid oxidation and dissipation of thermosensitive substance. Therefore, spice flavor ingredients can be effectively preserved and substances with high boiling point, low volatility and easy pyrolysis can be extracted under far below its boiling temperature;

No residual solvent

SFE is the cleanest extraction method. Because no organic solvent is used in the whole process, extracts have no residual solvent to avoid existence of harmful substance and environmental pollution in the extraction process and ensure 100% of pure nature.

Convenient transportation and storage

Product extracted from spice is the concentrate of spice flavor substance and itself has strong oxidation resistance so that it is easy to be stored; compared with traditional spices, it is characterized with small volume, easy package, easy transportation and simple import and export formalities. 

Remove harmful substances 

Heavy metal and other harmful substances in traditional spices are insoluble in carbon dioxide, and thus, supercritical fluid extraction can effectively remove heavy metal and other harmful substances away from traditional spices. 

Improve product quality 

Instead of the traditional spices, the spice extracts can effectively improve the appearance and quality of products; some spice extracts have a strong oxidation resistance (such as, rosemary essential oil and ginger essential oil) and they can be used as the natural antioxidant; with a steady quality, quantizing the flavor index of spice extraction products is beneficial to the stability of the product favor.