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Garlic essential oil

【Aka】Garlic essential oil,Garlic oil (Allium sativum L.),Garlic P.E,Garlic extract

【Color and shape】 Light yellow oily liquid.

【Smell】 rich and pure smell of Garlic .

【Aroma】strong spiciness of Garlic .

【Technique characteristics】 High quality Garlic as raw material,HD(distillation )

【Main ingredient】diallyl trisulfide,dimethyl disulfide,propyl allyl disulfide,32vinyl24H21,22dithiin Garlic P.E>50%

【Product specification】 condensed essence of 1:60, namely, every gram of the product equals to 60g dry Garlic or360g fresh Garlic.

【Plasticizer detection】

DBP<1mg/kg Testing result:Not detected Testing Method:GB/T 21911-2008

DEHP<1.5mg/kg Testing result:Not detected Testing Method:GB/T 21911-2008

DINP<9mg/kg Testing result:Not detected Testing Method:GB/T 21911-2008

【Product characteristic】

(1) 100% pure natural Garlic extract, no solvent residues and chemical additives;

(2) Full flavor.

(3)Dispersed good. Completely soluble in 70% ethanol and vegetable oils.

(4)Have a strong anti - oxidant , anti - inflammatory effect.


(1) aroma material of savory flavoring.

(2)Raw materials of healthcare.

【Usage and dosage】apply proper amount according to food technique. Reference amount: instant noodles and ham sausage 0.1—0.2%; seasoning and quick-frozen food 0.05—0.1%;Candy 0.015%;

【Product description】 This product adds no synthetic antioxidants

【Shelf life】Indoor sealed, dry air;18 months.

【Quality index】 Production Standards: QB/29938-2014



Testing method

Refractive index20℃)


GB/T 14454.4

Relative density (25/25)


GB/T 11540

peroxide value %


GB/T 5009.37

Arseniccalculated on As) mg/kg



Heavy metalcalculated on pbmg/kg



Aerobic bacterial count cfu/g



Escherichia coli cfu/100g



【Packing specification】 1KG and 10KG Packed in white fluoride plastic buckets OR 20 KG drum

【Mode of payment】T/T,L/C,D/P,M/T