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Cinnamon Essential Oil  

【Aka】Supercritical Cinnamon essential oil,Cassia oil,Cinnamomum cassia Blume, 

【Color and shape】 Light Brown oily liquid. 

【Smell】 rich and pure smell of Cinnamon. 

【Aroma】strong spiciness of Cinnamon. 

【Technique characteristics】 High quality Cinnamon as raw material, refined by supercritical CO2 extraction -molecular distillation. 

【Main ingredient】2-Propen-1-ol,3-phenyl-,Copaene,γ− Munrolene,Cadinol 

【Product specification】 condensed essence of 1:60, namely, every gram of the product equals to 60g dry Cinnamon or360g fresh Cinnamon. 

【Product characteristic】 (1) 100% pure natural Cinnamon extract, no solvent residues and chemical additives; (2) Full flavor. (3)Dispersed good. Completely soluble in 70% ethanol and vegetable oils. (4)Stable performance. Applicable to all kinds of food processing requirements within 120 ℃. 


 (1) aroma material of savory flavoring 

 (2)Used in all kinds of outstanding spicy pepper flavor food, such as meat products, compound seasoning, seasoning sachet of instant noodles, puffed food, fish ball, boiled dumplings and meat ball etc.Candy.

 (3)Raw materials of healthcare.

【Usage and dosage】apply proper amount according to food technique. Reference amount: instant noodles and ham sausage 0.1—0.2%; seasoning and quick-frozen food 0.05—0.1%;Candy 0.015%; 

【Product description】 This product adds no synthetic antioxidants 

【Shelf life】Indoor sealed, dry air;18 months. 

【Quality index】

 Production Standards: GB-29938-2014



Testing method

Refractive index(20℃)


GB/T 14454.4

Relative density (25/25℃)


GB/T 11540

Peroxide value %


GB/T 5009.37

Arsenic(calculated on As) mg/kg



Heavy metal(calculated on pb)mg/kg



Aerobic bacterial count cfu/g



Escherichia coli cfu/100g



【Packing specification】 1KG and 10KG Packed in white fluoride plastic buckets OR 20 KG drum 

【Mode of payment】T/T,L/C,D/P,M/T